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The shopping experience, which results in an increase in sales of these sites. Disadvantages of AMP accelerated mobile pages 1. De-display the AMP tag: Google no longer displays the AMP badge to indicate mobile-accelerated or AMP-enabled pages in its search results. This sign, which appeared like this ⚡, was showing users that the page that appears in front of them in the search results is a fast mobile page.
With this tag not appearing, the accelerated mobile pages can no longer Phone Number Data be distinguished from other pages in the search results. 2. Limited Design: AMP technology relies on a set of strict design guidelines and constraints to ensure fast loading and a smooth user experience. These restrictions may restrict flexibility and creativity in the design and layout of accelerated website pages and limit their attractiveness to visitors. 3. Fewer ads: The process of creating accelerated mobile pages aims to eliminate factors that might slow down these pages or affect their performance. Unfortunately, this includes reducing the number of ads allowed to be added on these pages. 4. Delay in updating the data and content of website pages.

Due to the way AMP Cache works, updating the content of accelerated mobile pages may be delayed. This is because the process of storing these pages on search engine servers may take some time. Read also: How do I make my website load faster? THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF AMP ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES 1. AMP HTML AMP HTML is regular HTML, but it is modified in a way that helps the pages of the sites that depend on it load faster. In other words, it is HTML after the elements and properties that could contribute to slowing down the loading of website pages have been removed from it. Also, the programming of these pages indicates that they are mobile pages.


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