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And click on the first option, which is Site Explorer . Here, through the search box, you can get data and metrics of any site. How to do? Enter the URL you are interested in and off you go: you fly between numbers and statistics. majestic-SEO-site-explorer-example-repubblica Two of the metrics offered by Site Explorer have made Majestic's fortune among SEOs: Trust Flow : the higher this figure, the higher the overall quality of the domains linking to a site Citation Flow : score for the number of sites from which you receive links trust flow and citation flow majest seo toll I'm sure a question arises, one that should .

Asked point blank: what do I do with this data? Metrics like Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List these, along with others from Majestic, give you an immediate idea of ​​the strength and quality of a site's backlink profile. Here are two examples of how this data comes in handy in practice: If you are starting a link building campaign and want to analyze the proposed domains, TF and CF are the data to start from If you want to know and optimize your site's backlink profile well, Majestic's indications are the basis 2 – Backlink Checker Then we have the Backlink Checker , which is used to analyze up to 400 URLs at the same time. The tool allows you to compare different sites to understand the differences on a quantitative and qualitative basis, and is ideal for marketing intelligence operations or to understand where it is best to acquire links. Here is an image that shows the comparison between different sites on Majestic: all the data can be sorted and filtered as desired.

Majestic domain comparison seo tool Once the analysis is completed, everything can be exported into a convenient Excel. This allows you to continue working on the data, add more from different sources, and refine your assessments. In summary, the tool allows you to shorten times and quickly skim large quantities of domains, discarding useless or harmful resources. A nice support for effective link building, don't you think? 3 – Campaigns The “campaigns” feature on Majestic SEO was introduced as an added extra, but has quickly become one of the core features of the tool. With Campaigns you can group the websites that are important to you into a specific space and monitor them as they progress. You can also share your campaigns using the paid versions of Majestic's SEO service. If you want to keep an eye on the progress of all your competitors this is the function to use.


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