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The attractiveness of the drama itself attracted loyal users of blockbusters. That year, 5.2 million viewers contributed 156 million yuan to the paid on-demand viewing of Tencent Video's "Celebrating More Than Years".But compared to the heavy content costs, this is just a drop in the bucket.Although this model has demonstrated its own commercial value, the implementation process has been controversial because of its abruptness. First, the price of 6 yuan per episode is too high, and second, the membership agreement clearly states that additional payment is required for advance viewing, which violates consumers' right to know.Subsequently.

The platform supplemented the membership agreement and lowered the price of a single episode for advance screening, maintaining it at the level of 3 yuan per episode. The adjusted price is more reasonable, but the impression Cyprus Mobile Number List  that advance viewing is a disguised form of cutting leeks has been planted in the minds of users. Subsequent attempts to pay for on-demand dramas will inevitably be criticized.In fact, the industry is still in the exploratory period on how to price a single episode reasonably. At the same price, personal feelings vary widely between whether it is worth it or not.

So some users will inevitably complain that it is not worth it; and opening up advance viewing channels through advance screenings also risks leaking the source of the film.Due to multiple considerations, Aiyouteng has tightened the pace of advance screening in the past two years. one after another announcing the cancellation of advance screenings.Tencent Video last year's "Meng Hua Lu" launched a pre-sale gift package in disguise. You can watch the remaining eight episodes for only 18 yuan. The average price of a single episode is less than 3 yuan. Compared with the period of "Celebrating the Year", it is more cautious.


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