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He is a businessman from Longyan, in the southeast of China, who was born in . He has always been linked to the world of technology, to the point that he worked in companies such as Microsoft and Kunxun , a company that was bought by TripAdvisor. If we review his academic history, we realize that he enrolled at Nankai University, specializing in microelectronics, although he later decided to switch to the area of software engineering. In this way he graduated with honors in . It was at that same institution where he met his future wife. The very next year he was the fifth worker and first engineer at Kuxun, a travel and tourism company.

In just  months he was promoted to the position of technical 10 best gps tracker services in Bangladesh director. Later, in  he decided to leave the company to work at Microsoft, although it did not last long due to the large number of regulations that were imposed on him. It was in  when his wealth skyrocketed as he noticed the migration of users towards smartphones. It was there when he founded ByteDance, which has been a success to date. In  they launched TikTok without much fanfare, although in a short time it caught the attention of young people around the world. How was TikTok born?  of the moment, and more and more people are registering in the app to have fun and upload short videos that go viral in a very short time.

Now, what is the history of this very young platform? Let's see it below We must go back to , when ByteDance launched the app that would create a revolution throughout the Chinese market. Its name was Douyin and in less than a year it appeared in other countries under the name TikTok. It was as of August ,  when it was available practically everywhere in the world thanks to a merger with Musical.ly, a service specializing in the development of videos and live broadcasts . In this way, the social network now allowed you to create videos of between  and  seconds with different formats, filters and editions, something that until now no platform offered.

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