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With a little patience and using Excel , divide the more generic keywords from the more specific and long tail ones and analyze the average monthly searches and the competition by viewing the number of pages indexed on Google . Don't stop at this, divide the keywords by search intent as explained in this guide of mine on keyword research for SEO .   There are generally 3 research intentions:  Informational Navigational Transactional  The first Search Intent is that relating to the searches of a user who is still in an upper phase of a purchase funnel , i.e. in a phase of searching for information on the search engine.

Navigational keywords are those linked to a brand search with the specification of a product and service, and are made by a user who already knows the site and the company in question. Transactional keywords are those Cambodia Phone Number Data  linked to searche is a transaction and a purchase, such as "online shoes prices". Also remember that a broad keyword like “ Shoes ” will be harder to rank for on search engines and will convert much less than “ Running Shoes .” The first is the classic "vanity keyword" which does not bring real results.  The main purposes of keyword research are to create the navigation architecture and understand how to divide and organize your e-commerce site. This point of the SEO strategy goes hand in hand with the market study .  From the keywords you will then have to start studying the structure of your site and menu.  

SEO for technical e-commerce: the fundamental points E-commerce site structure and menu The structure of a site corresponds to the foundations of a house and is therefore decisive for a good SEO project for ecommerce. From the keywords analyzed previously, extrapolate the ones you consider most important and organize them according to a well-structured logic. Imagine the structure of the site as a pyramid composed of the home page at the top , then the category pages , then the subcategory and product pages . Create a hierarchy , start from the home page and go deeper using increasingly specific and long-tail words.


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