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Analyzing various parts for errors. on page xovi Review the entire project in two parts; content, SEO, and technology. This process may take several minutes or even hours, depending on the number of hours analyzed. On-Page SEO Guide Practical and No-Theoretical Bullshit The purpose of this On-Page SEO Guide is to let you learn in a simple way how to optimize the internal optimization of your project to help you gain visibility and positioning in Google. We will look at them one by one and give suggestions on how to optimize them. let's go! ! ! - Indexing and positioning analysis The first step is to analyze how many of the URLs we send are indexed by search engines.

Then we will analyze how many URLs were located later Belgium WhatsApp Number Search Console Google Search Console Create a Search Console account, an essential tool for any web project. Click Index > Coverage and you will be able to see how many URLs you sent and how many of them have been indexed in the Google search engine. Search Console Visibility You should have previously added a sitemap and correctly configured the basic settings for the Search Console tool.

Another easier way to do index analysis on Google is to go into the search engine and use the command site:webpageaddress, for example site:marketingandweb Google Visibility Index Have you seen it? It couldn't be easier... Now we'll delve into the visibility and positioning of our project. For this we will use the ahrefs tool. How to easily analyze how many URLs are ranking in Google: Visit the page Add URLs and click Search. Click Organic Search > Popular Pages. Select a country, otherwise select All Countries .

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