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Product photos alone are not enough to grab the attention of potential buyers! In this case, the product you are selling must also have a description or explanation of the product details. Here’s how to create a compelling product description: Product Title: Start with an interesting and relevant title. Key Features: Mention the key features of the product in the bullet points. Materials and Specifications: Describes the materials and technical specifications of the product. Dimensions and Dimensions: Include the size, weight and dimensions of the product. Product Benefits: Describe the advantages or benefits of your product.

How to Care: Provides tips on care or product use. Colors and Variations: Explain color Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number choices or other available variations. Overview: Write a short description that describes the entire product. Prices and Promotions: Inform of prices and promotions (if any). Contact: Include contact or customer service information. With a complete and clear description, buyers will be more confident and interested in purchasing your product. (Also Read: 10 Examples of Effective Promotional Food Descriptions) 4. Professionally Decorate Your Store How to Sell on Shopee Source: Shopee/Erigo In order to successfully implement strategies and methods for selling on Shopee, you must also pay attention to your store window appearance details.

The store window is what consumers see when they want to buy what you are selling. Consumers will certainly feel confident and interested in purchasing the products/merchandise you display in your windows if they look professional. In addition to this, the importance of window display is to ensure that consumers can find what they are looking for more easily. So, make sure you segment and display your products according to specific categories or types. Always use your best product photos as the main image of your store, and showcase high-quality products or products that have a lot of positive reviews. Highlighting products with promotions or discounts can attract more buyers' attention. Don’t forget to regularly update your presentation based on market trends. Visual consistency and brand identity are also important to increase .


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