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Why I will continue to master SEO









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In April 2012, Takahiro Watanabe of IREP wrote an article for SEM Research called `` How I Stepped into the World of SEO' ' looking back on his 15 years in the search industry. We read this article with great interest, so we interviewed our SEO consultant Maki Ezawa, who has also been involved in SEO since its inception, and summarized it in an article. How I got interested and why I continued doing it --Mr. Ezawa, what made you interested in SEO? Ezawa: I wasn't interested in SEO from the beginning. My first encounter with SEO was in 2001 at a company called E-Japan. Looking back now, this company had a lot of really talented people. Mr. Ouchi, who is currently in charge of Google Analytics at Google, was the president, and Yasukawa from Ayudante was one of the founders. Actually, before working at E-Japan, I was working at a foundation (and accounting!), and while working, I attended a web school called Digital Hollywood.

A classmate I met there introduced me to E-Japan, and I ended up working Canada Phone Number Data part-time as a marketing assistant. At the time, my dream was to become a web designer, but I joined E-Japan and met Jeff Root, and before I knew it, I was going to do SEO (lol). --Did your job change significantly after meeting Jeff Root? Ezawa: That's right. At the time, Jeff was doing SEO in America, and it seems he had already had success with various sites. I heard that the first hurdle for Jeff was being able to do SEO in Japanese. Different languages ​​require different search engines and different websites. I remember that in the fall of 2001, I applied SEO to a Japanese site for the first time, and it had great results. I started helping out around that time, and I was really taught the concept of SEO from scratch.

At that time, there were no materials, websites, or books, so I struggled to understand the concepts that Jeff taught me. But strangely, even after more than 10 years, the method that Jeff taught me hasn't changed at all. Of course, as the site becomes more complex, the number of technical factors increases, but the basic methods and ``keywords are the key'' and ``viewing effects from logs'' are essential. These two points are still the same. --What did the Internet look like to you at that time? Ezawa: Hmm, how was it? For a while after I joined E-Japan, I was desperately trying to learn SEO, and my head was always full of thoughts about robots, so I don't remember it very well. However, the word SEO itself was not well-known, so when people asked me, ``What do you do?'' Google came out and robotic search engines became a hot topic, and as a result.


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