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Sounds good, right? Well, keep reading and discover what exactly network marketing is and what tactics exist. What is network marketing? Let's start by defining exactly what network marketing is . It is a legitimate business model in which products and services are sold directly to the consumer, thereby eliminating all intermediaries that make the merchandise more expensive. In this case, you as a user obtain the license to market the product portfolio that the company has in a specific territory. Once you make the investment you can sell to other people and recruit those who want to replicate the model . Works? Yes, according to the Direct Selling Association, the sector moves about  billion a year if we count all the countries that are involved.

The truth is that no one doubts that it is a legal model. The problem is Best gps tracker service provider in Bangladesh that some associates of these companies use practices that are unethical , even breaking personal relationships. Tactics used in network marketing Would you like to know what are the most used strategies in network marketing ? Look at it in the following list that we have prepared for you . Make a list of prospects and clients When you enter network marketing, the first thing they suggest is to make a list of candidates.  you know and add them to a piece of paper. The idea is to qualify each one to determine who has the greatest prospect potential, who is a candidate to consume the product and much more.

Now, is it a tactic that works? Yes, the reality is that you cannot hope to be successful in network marketing if you do not make a list. . Talk to everyone Ok, this is where the problems begin. On many occasions the list shows you few interested people, so some decide to talk to all their contacts to see who "falls" for the opportunity. It is one of the most rejected practices , and no one likes to be someone's prey. This causes negative reactions in friends and family who are not attracted to the proposal. . Use prospecting tools Using prospecting tools is an innovation that is here to stay in network marketing.

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